Real Estate Licence Training Course

At LMG Training, we have 3 options to get your Real Estate Agent's Licence, Cert IV Property Services.

Full Licence - Full Fee - Cert IV Property Services

If you have been in the real estate industry for around 5 years, join our next Real Estate Licence training course to progress your career.

Our unique Syndicate training program runs for up to 8 weeks:  we take into account your industry experience and can shorten the course with acknowledged prior learning exemptions.

Groups or 1 on 1

Our approach takes into account your experience and we work together in small groups to share knowledge whilst working through the formal Real Estate Licence requirements.

Sharing and learning creates a very productive and enjoyable environment to learn more about the real estate industry.

We can also structure courses for 1 on 1 training to suit your circumstances, industry knowledge and availability.

Recognised Prior Learning

For the Real Estate Licence we take into account industry experience and recognised prior learning to tailor the course to reduce the amount of time and cost whilst providing the knowledge needed to attain the Cert IV Property Services requirements.

Government Funded for Approved Applicants

Please call Mark on 0413 877 999 or complete our enquiry form and we will let you know if you qualify.


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